​Morris Plains Police Department Animal Control

The Morris Plains Police Department currently works in conjunction with Animal Control Solutions out of Flemington, NJ to handle all wildlife related complaints or questions.  

​In 2008 Animal Control Solutions LLC was founded on the premise that New Jersey needs reliable animal control and animal welfare services. The co-owners, Thomas Dodd and Beth Comitas have worked with municipalities in animal related capacities for over 15 years, and are aware of the need for animal calls to be answered in a timely, efficient manner, with reasonable cost to municipalities and their residents.

Animal Control Solutions LLC employs several licensed and certified Animal Control Officers that are ready to respond to any complaint quickly and efficiently. Our Animal Control Officers live in close proximity to the municipalities we service. We are aware of how valuable your time is, and that it is imperative to receive a prompt response time from Animal Control. Animal Control Solutions LLC is equipped with new vehicles that ensure a prompt response in any and all weather conditions. We also carry all equipment necessary to do the job safely and correctly. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to handle any and all animal related incidents that may arise. We are the only licensed animal control agency in the area who offers chemical capture.

The Morris Plains Police Department serves as first response to all animal calls, however Animal Control Solutions has a 24 Hour Hotline that is available to the public:  908-722-1271.  If a call is made after hours, leave a message and an officer will respond to you in short time.  Our agency also has a certified Humane Law Enforcement Officer, Sgt. Jeffrey Hochman.  Sgt. Hochman is certified in numerous animal related areas, such as Bear Control and Animal Cruelty Laws.