Important information:

Citizens who wish to file a complaint are strongly urged to respond to police headquarters, 531 Speedwell Avenue, and speak with a supervisor regarding their complaint.

Any complaint may be accepted 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  A citizen complaint will never be rejected for any reason.

Citizens who wish to file a complaint will be asked  to fill out an Internal Affairs Complaint Form.  This form will assist the investigating officer in following up with the complaint.  Information contained within this form will allow the complainant to give vital information about the incident so that the investigation can be as effective as possible.  Although completing this form is not required, it is extremely helping in providing a proper investigation. 

If a citizen wishes to make a complaint against an officer and cannot respond to police headquarters, an officer will be made available to respond to the complainant's home or other place, when plausible. 

If the complaining party wishes, they may file the complaint anonymously, however this is not recommended due to the fact that the investigation will be more difficult and it may be hard to conduct a proper investigation into the complaint. 

After the complaint is taken by an officer, it will be forwarded to the Internal Affairs Unit of the Morris Plains Police Department.  After an investigating officer receives the complaint, he or she will immediately notify the Chief of Police of the complaint prior to conducting their investigation. 

If a citizen wants to file a complaint about a Morris Plains Officer and does not want to report it to them directly, he or she may file the complaint with the Morris County Prosecutor's Office at 973-285-6200 or with any other police department of thier preference. 

After a citizen makes a complaint, they may choose to be notified of the outcome of the investigation into the original complaint.  In some instances, not all information about the investigation may be available to the complaining party due to privacy and confidentiality reasons. 

After the citizen has had their complaint heard and they receive the results of the investigation, he or she may contact the Chief of Police regarding any questions or comments about the results. 

***Any person making a false report to a police agency knowing that the report is false, is subject to criminal charges under New Jersey Criminal Justice Code 2C:28-4b1.  This is a disorderly persons offense and the Morris Plains Police Department will prosecute any offenders to the fullest extent of the law. 

Morris Plains Police Department Internal Affairs Complaints

Complaints can be filed via the internet using the button on the left.

The Morris Plains Police Department will accept all complaints filed by a citizen against an officer employed with the Morris Plains Police Department for any violation, including officer misconduct.  The procedure for investigating an internal affairs complaint against an officer is followed in accordance with the New Jersey Attorney General's Internal Affairs Policy and Procedure. 

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