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Emergency: 9-1-1

Morris Plains Police Department

531 Speedwell Avenue
Morris Plains, NJ 07950

Morris Plains Municipal Court

531 Speedwell Avenue, 2nd floor, Morris Plains, NJ  07950
(973) 538-4019

Municipal Court Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30AM to 4PM
Office Closed: 1:00PM to 2:00PM
Court Sessions: Tuesdays 4:30PM

Judge: Honorable Michael A. Carlucci
Court Administrator: Dara Tanzola
Deputy Court Administrator: Sheryl McNichol


Plea of Not Guilty
If you intend to plead not guilty to a Summons and Complaint and have a trial, you must notify the Court Administrator, whose address and telephone number are shown above, of your intention at least 7 days prior to your scheduled court date. If you fail to notify the Court Administrator, it may be necessary for you to make two court appearances.

Court Appearance Required

If "Court Appearance Required" is checked on your Summons and Complaint you must
appear in court at the time and place indicated, even if you wish to plead guilty. If "Court Appearance Required" is not checked on your Summons and Complaint you must still appear in court if: a) you wish to have a trial; or b) the charge is not listed on the State or Local (Supplemental) Violations Bureau Schedule.

Plea of Guilty: Payment Through Violations Bureau

If you wish to plead guilty and give up your rights to have a lawyer and a trial you may do so provided "Court Appearance Required" has not been checked on your Summons and Complaint and provided the charge is listed on the Violations Bureau Schedule. The more frequently charged State and/or Local (Supplemental) Violations Bureau offenses and prescribed penalties are listed in the "Fines" section. You may also telephone the Violations Clerk to determine whether other offenses are listed on either the State or Local (Supplemental) Violations Bureau Schedules and the amount of the penalty. If the Violations Bureau is authorized to dispose of this charge, complete in full the APPEARANCE, PLEA AND WAIVER (on summons) and bring or mail this Summons and Complaint, together with payment in the amount of the prescribed penalty, to the Violations Bureau at the address indicated above prior to your scheduled court date.
If payment is made by mail do not send cash but send check or money order payable to the Morris Plains Municipal Court. If payment is received by the Violations Bureau after the appearance date, you may be assessed additional penalties. A receipt will be sent to you only if your payment is accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope.


You may also make payment online

If the above criteria of 'plea of guilty' is applicable you may be able to dispose of your summons online.  If you have any questions or need further assistance please call the court administrator.

To pay Online click above

To pay your summons online just click the court seal below.


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