531 Speedwell Avenue Morris Plains, NJ 07950

Phone:  973-538-2284

​Fax:  973-538-3382


Come one, Come all..the game clock starts.....NOW!

The Morris Plains Police Department has officially kicked off our "Trading Card Campaign". 
The trading card is similar to a football or a baseball card but better. Each officer has their own trading card, 
with their image on the front and a short biography on the back. Our officers will be  carrying the cards with 
them while on duty. The goal of this campaign is to get the children of Morris Plains to meet their officers by 
approaching them and asking for a trading card.

The first FOUR children to collect the entire card series can return to police headquarters for a prize that 
will be given to them by the Chief of Police, Jason Kohn.
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page for updated information on the game.

Below is the set of rules:

-Approach the police officer only when they are not busy.
-When you approach a police officer, do so as if you would any other adult, using words, 
"excuse me and thank you".
-If the police officer is engaged in conversation, please wait until they are finished.
-Do not chase police cars. If cars drive down your street wait until they stop, or for another opportunity. 
-In addition to meeting the officers on the street, many officers spend time at Police Headquarters,
so feel free to stop down and meet them. 
-There is no deadline for collecting the cards.
-Remember, this is a great opportunity to meet the officers of the Morris Plains Police Department. 

Parents are encouraged to bring the children to meet the officers, however do not pick cards 
up for your children.

-Age range: Kindergarten through 8th Grade only.

Click on the picture to the right for a full listing of all Officers.


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