531 Speedwell Avenue Morris Plains, NJ 07950

Phone:  973-538-2284

​Fax:  973-538-3382

Mission Statement

We will commit our resources in partnership with the community to:

Improve the quality of life of citizens living, working, or visiting the Borough.

Engage in crime prevention and public education activities in order to remain responsive to community need and concerns.

Promote a safe and secure environment, free from crime and the fear of crime.  Practice our core values of integrity, respect, service, fairness, and pride

Morris Plains Police Department

Vision Statement

We envision a partnership among all people as we strive to keep our community the safest it can be.  We are committed to serving out community with...HONOR, COURTESY, and INTEGRITY.  This will enable us to confront any challenges which will lie ahead.

Core Values

INTEGRITY- High performance and moral standards, ethical conduct and truthfulness. 

RESPECT- Treat all persons in a dignified and courteous manner and exhibit understanding of ethnic and cultural diversity.

SERVICE- Provide quality service in a courteous, efficient and accessible manner, emphasizing individual leadership while empower all employees with decision making and problem solving ability.  

FAIRNESS- Treat all people impartially, with consideration, empathy and compassion.

PRIDE- Emphasis is placed on high professional standards, continuing education and physical and emotional good health.