Lt. Koroski Phone:  973-538-2284

Ext. 106 / 4035

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The Morris Plains Police Department's Patrol Division is the face of the Department.  These are the uniformed officers that are visible in day to day operations of the Police Department.  Currently, Lieutenant Michael Koroski is in command of the Patrol Division and oversees its overall operation.  The Patrol Division currently consists of 12 officers, 4 Sergeants and 8 Patrol Officers.  Each shift is comprised of 3 Officers per "squad", with each squad having 1 Sergeant, who is in command of 2 Patrol Officers.  The patrol officers work rotating, 12 hour shifts that alternate between days shift and night shift every two weeks.  

The duties of the Patrol Division include, but are not limited to:  enforcement of New Jersey Criminal Laws, Motor Vehicle Laws and Morris Plains Local Ordinances.  Officers conduct motor vehicle enforcement to include radar enforcement, investigation of motor vehicle crashes, detection of drug and alcohol related offenses, conduct residential patrol to ensure resident safety, respond to and investigate domestic violence calls and conduct foot patrols of vital infrastructure, such as the town center, train station and schools.  Patrol officers also are certified first responders, trained in basic medical response, and will also respond to all fire calls.  


Morris Plains Police Department Patrol Division