Statistics show that over 70 Percent of 9-1-1 calls come from Cell Phones, even when the caller is at home.  When this is done, little to no information is available to dispatchers.  Smart 911 is a system that is designed to remedy this.  When signing up for Smart 9-1-1, users can add as little or as much information as they want to.  They can add information about family members at a household, such as existing medical conditions or allergies, and even information about physical appearances and photos should someone go missing.  You can also add addresses to attach to a cell phone number, to give first responders and police dispatchers a possible starting point, due to the fact that cell phone provide only general locations, as opposed to an exact address.  Signing up for Smart911 is not only smart, but easy and free.  Sign up today, as it could save your life.  For more information about Smart911 or how to sign up, see the videos below.