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  • ICE - Cell Phone entry for emergencies: The initials ICE stand for "In Case of Emergency".  The idea, started by a paramedic in Britain, has taken on popularity.  It simply requires a person to enter the acronym ICE in their cell phone with the phone number or numbers of the person you would like notified in case of an emergency. Enter ICE1, ICE2, etc. for additional emergency contacts.  Some cell phones will not display your caller ID information but just the phone number if you have two entries for the same name.  Just put an * after the ICE entry and this should cure the problem.  Although there is no official program advocating its use, The Morris Plains Police believe this is one more way emergency personnel can locate a next of kin or emergency contact for someone in a time of crisis.


  • Shopping Crime Prevention Tips: - Citizens should be aware of shopping center safety.  Being prepared and alert will reduce your chances of being a victim of crime.  Below are some safety tips to follow.  Although some may sound like common sense, many victims of crime are perceived by a criminal as 'the easiest target'. 

    • Try not to shop alone, bring a friend.   

    • Park in a well lit and high traffic area of the parking lot.

    • Do not park near vans, walls or high bushes.

    • Do not leave valuables or packages in plain view, lock them in the trunk.

    • Keep your vehicle locked and use your car alarm system or other anti-theft device.

    • Be aware of males hanging in or about vehicles.

    • Carry your cell phone with you.

    • Alert police or store security of anything suspicious.

    • Keep one hand free when returning to your vehicle with packages.

    • Enter and leave your vehicle quickly.   

    • Assess the area around your vehicle before you approach it.

    • Have your vehicle keys ready as you approach your vehicle.

    • Keep your vehicle locked and windows rolled up when traveling.

    • When stopped at traffic signals leave room to maneuver.

    • Be suspicious of Good Samaritans offering to help fix a flat tire.

    • Be alert and follow your instincts.

    • NEVER leave your vehicle running even to just quickly run into a store.

    • Never leave your children in your vehicle alone.

    • Never leave your vehicle documents in the vehicle, carry them with you.


  • Burglary Crime Prevention - There are countless articles on crime prevention and steps that may be taken to make yourself less likely to be the victim or target of a home burglary.  An online article written by Chris E. McGoey, who has a website titled Crime Doctor, has some great information on burglary prevention advice.  Click Here to read the article. 


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