Morris Plains Police Department Traffic Safety

Motorists are reminded to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks.  These signs can be seen around town in different locations and must be obeyed.  Motorists can be ticketed if they do not stop for pedestrians using crosswalks.  Also, be reminded that not only should pedestrians be looked out for, but bicyclists should be as well, especially during summer months.  

All traffic complaints that are received by the Morris Plains Police Department are investigated immediately, if plausible.  Should action need to be taken, all of our officers are well trained in how to handle such situations.  If you should ever have a traffic complaint, please contact the Patrol Division Commander, Lt. Michael Koroski, at 973-538-2284 or  Also, our department has a portable RADAR sign that can be placed on your street.  This sign not only helps reduce speed of vehicles, but it also collects data, letting officers know at what points during the day the most vehicles are traveling on the road, as well as at what point in time vehicles are at their highest speeds!  Residents can request the RADAR sign be placed on their streett by clicking below!