The vacant house check form is offered to Morris Plains residents who would like their home looked after if they are going to be away.  This is valuable to those residents who are going on vacation and would like our Police Department to know they are away.  This will enable officers to know who is allowed to be at the home, if anyone, and what vehicles they will be driving.  It will also let us know if anyone will be dog sitting, or taking care of the lawn while you are away.  When officers are aware of this, they can keep a better eye on suspicious activity around your home so you can enjoy your vacation without having to worry about your home.  This is also valuable when there is a wedding or funeral within the family as thieves tend to keep an eye on these things when published in the paper.  These are prime opportunities when the home will be vacant, and its published!  To have officers monitor your home for any reason while you are away, click on the form, submit it, and bring it into police headquarters!

Vacant House Check Form